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Updated: Aug 9, 2023

When we people travel to any part of the country or abroad we collect/purchase so many things from their respective travel destinations as a souvenir. But unfortunately, we forget to visit our local haat or market because most people think the local place is all about some known eatery places or historical places and some known faces but it is much more than that. If we'll start to visit our tribal marketplaces or haat or any other untouched region then surely we'll find some amazing things. Whether it can be food, place, or any local handmade artifacts and products.

The above picture is of an Arrow Head. It's made up of iron. Usually, this one is the most lethal part of an arrow. Usually, tribal people place it on top of a thin but strong bamboo stick and place some feathers at the tail part of the bamboo stick to make an arrow. Usually, for hunting purposes, people use arrows and for worship also people use them. it was a part of our tribes like khadia, bathudi, and mankidia's daily life.

In the above picture, you can see some rectangular boxes.

These are traditional bamboo cages, locally known as "Pa taa" (ପଟା). Usually, fishermen use it in small rivers and paddy fields to catch fish where water flows from the higher part to the lower part.

They place this thing in the junction part of the higher and lower part so the water can pass through it but fish'll stay inside and impossible for fish to go against the water flow. Usually, nowadays the uses are limited to the rural part.

But if we can try we can be the voice of the makers who are making and selling it at a very minimal price just to sustain their livelihood. We can be the tribe that can bring change to someone.

Pic credit- Akash Mohanty(owner of this site)

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