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Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Once upon a time MAYURBHANJ was a princely state and has its border starting all the way from medinipur of current westbengal to Bhadrakh of odisha. During the 14th/15th century the vaishnavisim gave rise to somany medieval movements.

In 15th century A vaishnav sage shyamanand was worshipping lord Krushna and radha (RADHA GOVINDA)at gopiballavpur which is presently in jhargram district of westbengal but was part of mayurbhanj till 1947. During his last days he asked his close disciple Rasikananda prabhu to take over the charge and continue the service to Lord krushna and Radha.

During his service period the maharaja of mayurbhanj vaidyanath bhanjdeo got influenced by Rasika nanda and accept him as guru(as mentioned in some digital document by isckon). So a bhanja King built a temple for the diety Radha Govinda in gopiballavpur latee and since then the descendants of Rasikananda prabhu are servicing continuously there.


So from that part was so suitable for sugarcane harvesting and during british era also a lot of sugarcane and jaggery were export to different parts of east India. Though due to availability of jaggery the sweet using jaggery was the easiest thing to make. That is how the Guda Ladoo came into the picture.

And people in gopiballavpur have started to offer Guda Ladoo as offering to Lord Radha Govinda. you can clearly see the Guda ladoo of gopiballavpur/Radha govinda temple in below pic

Jaggery ladoo of Gopiballavpur

On this below pic you can clearly see the Guda Ladoo of Baripada. The Gudo ladoo of baripada has also history of 400years. According to family of Jaggery Ladoo seller ,late udainath sahu was the first person who made these ladoos and it was only for royals .

Jaggery ladoo of Baripada

So some how we can say the Guda ladoo came to baripada from gopiballavpur or vice versa.

The guda ladoo of gopiballavpur is small in size incompare to Baripada guda ladoo but its soft and mushy . In other hand Guda ladoo of baripada is crispy and little bit tight . Both has its own charm. Though Guda ladoo of baripada is now available as normal sweet in shops but the Guda ladoo of Gopiballavpur still offers as prasad to diety of Radha govinda temple .

So before Independence mayurbhanj has its two version of Guda Ladoo.

Picture credit- AKASH MOHANTY

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