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So Market/Haat is not only about products, sell, or seller /buyer. What makes a place like this more attractive is the people/humans. Yes, people are the ones who bring some sort of vibes/energy into such places and make such places happening

a sidedish seller near a local alcohol shop inside a rural haat of mayurbhanj

While roaming around a haat you all come across so many people belonging to different cultures, villages, and tribes. While in a rural haat you mostly find tpeople(staying near to forest / a tribal/villagers ), at that same time in small town haat you all find people from both village & town.

an ironsmith in his shop inside a haat

a buyer ,buying clay pot

While in rural haat most of the sellers & buyers are from that local area(where the haat is taking place), In a town haat the sellers & buyers are from the local area as well as from the nearby villages. Because small sellers of rural haat visit such town haat to buy goods/products so later they can sell them in rural haat.

An oldnote/ tempered note exchanger

From local alcohol sellers, grain sellers, vegetable vendors, potters, or a money exchange guy, iron smith, and small eatery places owners, etc etc is part of a haat that provides service to the public in exchange for money. Apart from that the concept of rural haat and town haat is different. While town people come to haat to get the local fresh produce or other things at cheap prices at that same time the people in rural haat buy goods according to their personal usage, like if a haat is running twice a week in rural area then the rural people buy groceries/ veggies/tobacco /grains&pulses in limited quantity on the first haat of the week so it all finish just before the 2nd haat , so they can buy again. Because financially rural people are not strong enough like town people they cannot afford to buy huge stocks of groceries and all for themselves.

an old woman ( seller) drinking softdrinks in a haat of mayurbhanj

So observing people in haat is as interesting as visiting or buying in haat. So whenever you ll visit a haat next time try to observe people.

Hope you will like this post. Kindly let me know what your haat experiences are and whether you like this post or not.

Photo credit & copyright - AKASH MOHANTY(owner of this blog site)

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